Be The Woman Who Fixes Another Woman’s Crown

Since the beginning of times, in all societies, women have carried the burden of some pretty unreasonable standards imposed on them. Ladies are always told the way they can act, smile, work, socialize, dress, have fun, and even think!

Yet, we have some good news- you don’t have to do this anymore! Let us all stop worrying about other people’s opinions, and start living our lives as we believe we should!

As we age, something strange and rather miraculous happens. We stop worrying about superficial things in life, and we invest our time and energy only in things that matter to us.

During the 20s, women are suffocated by shallowness, but over time, these trivial things lose power and become completely unimportant. Women are born with an instinctive sensitivity, but often, worrying too much about things is counterproductive.

While being a caring person is a great thing, it might not be good for our happiness and dignity at times. Therefore, it is time to worry about ourselves only and stop caring so much while others don’t care at all.

Here is a list of things you should stop worrying about:

  • Toxic relationships.

Cut toxic people out of your life. Free yourself from their negativity, and enrich your life with new, bright energy.

  • What other people think.

If you keep pleasing everyone else, worrying about their opinions, you will lose yourself. Remember, you should change only if you are unsatisfied yourself.

  • Your image.

It takes some time, but you will eventually understand that you are the best when you are yourself.

You don’t have to pretend, you don’t need validation, you just need to find your way through life.

  • Your ex

If you have truly loved him, it is not easy to emotionally separate from everything that reminds you of the time you spent together. However, the drama is over. You need to move on.

  • Fitting in.

We are no longer in high school, so you don’t have to fit in. Don’t be fake, as you will attract fake friends. Be yourself, and never pretend to be someone you are not.

  • Expressing yourself in bed.

You and your partner both should enjoy your time in bed. If this means that you should take charge, do it. Speak openly with him and tell him all your desires and preferences, and you will have an unforgettable experience.

  • Stop neglecting your health.

Self-love and self-awareness are critical.  You should never ignore your health. Care about the way you look and feel.

  • Things you can’t control.

It might be hard to accept it at first, but “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

Therefore, if you cannot control it, let it go, and stop wasting your time and energy on it.

  • Status.

Don’t show off. You do not need to prove the world that you are worth.

Nothing material matters, in the end. You can show off of your knowledge and experiences, though.

  • Fashion

You really do not need to think about the newest trends, or the dress some celebrity wore last night. Just dress up as you feel, even if it is outdated, or before your time. You can also go all natural if you like, with no makeup.

  • Past mistakes.

Stop worrying about your mistakes from the past. What is done is done. You should learn from them, and grow as a person, but do not dwell on your past.

  • Shady friends.

If you have a toxic friend, do not be afraid to break up with him. Just dump all the shady friends you have, and your life will instantly improve.

  • Being right all the time.

Everyone makes mistakes. Therefore, admit your mistake, and move on. This proves you have grown into a wise and strong woman.

  • “Ladylike” etiquette.

Ok, so times have changed, and the 1700s etiquette rules are ridiculous these days.

You can wear pants, burp and fat, and you don’t need to shave your legs or pits. It’s your life.

  • Being single.

Never settle for less than you dreamed of. Take your time, start loving yourself first, and the right one will appear.