Be That Girl Who Roots For The Other Girl

We are all unique from birth, but our personality is also subjected to numerous factors throughout life, so we end up being very different from each other.

We are raised by different people, in different surroundings and cultures, and influenced by different values and norms. Strong personality people are sometimes considered rude, aggressive, and domineering by some.

They have been branded “alphas”, but even though they have a bad reputation, they are much deeper than you think, and can often be kittens on the inside.

Here are some tips to help you determine if you are a strong-willed person too:

  • People with a strong personality are not afraid of the unknown, but accept fear and cope with it instead
  • Strong-willed people are thoughtful and well-informed and cannot stand ignorance
  • Strong-willed people are not unfriendly, but they carefully choose their circle of friends
  • They make the best out of any situation and see solutions where others see problems
  • These people are not interested in anybody’s excuses, they are direct and ask the same in return
  • They are born leaders, and even though they accept advise, they rely on their intuition

So, are you one of them?