Be Careful: Never Put These 5 Things In The Microwave

Microwaves sure make life easier. However experts warn that there are certain things that should not be heathen in the microwave. We have listed some of them.


Broccoli can be cooked pretty easily, so no wonder this vegetable is often prepared in the microwave. But every form of cooking destroys a certain per cent of the nutrients. Steam cooking works best, even though broccoli still loses about 11 per cent of the antioxidants it contains, and if you cook broccoli in the microwave by adding some water, the vegetable loses up to 97 per cent of the antioxidants.

Frozen Meat

Some microwaves rotate and some do not, so your food may not be evenly cooked. It is pretty difficult to defrost frozen meat in a microwave, because it takes a lot of time and often its ends could turn brown while the middle is still frozen.

Also, if you do not prepare the meat right after defrosting it, you may affect the balance of bacteria.

Breast Milk

Breast milk contains an important agent that helps babies fight bacteria. A research showed that heating can stimulate the growth of Escherichia coli up to 18 times more compared to the regular heating of the milk.

Frozen Fruit

Buying frozen fruit is not that bad, because usually people freeze it when it is ripe, so it keeps all the nutrients. Fruit starts losing its nutrients right after it is picked, and frozen fruit contains more vitamins and antioxidants than fresh fruit which is usually stored in warehouses for a long time.

Plastic containers

Keep plastic containers away from the microwave. When heating food in plastic containers, they release toxic materia directly in your food, which could possibly cause cancer. The bottles you use to warm milk also release chemicals when heated in a microwave. So carefully choose what you put in the microwave.