Basic Human Decency

Throughout life, we meet all kinds of people, honest and liars, strong and weak, lazy and hard-working, talkative and taciturn, optimistic and negative, selfish and generous, dedicated and indifferent.

Many of them leave a deep imprint on our hearts and become precious friends who stick around through thick and thin.

Yet, there are others that we would be better off without, like the following four kinds:

1. Doubters- Those that never support you, always doubt your goals, dreams, and capabilities. Of course, we all need people that challenge us, but they still have to believe in us.

2. The unreliable ones- Those that keep canceling plans or simply never show up. Over time, you will no longer invite them and you will stop relying on them, as they always find a way to let you down. Those friends that keep canceling do not actually think about the way their actions affect you, your time, and your feelings. And who needs a friend like that?

3. Naggers- Those that keep complaining and nagging. Their company leaves you drained, physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, in most cases, even a constructive conversation does not change their attitudes and behavior.

We all occasionally complain to our friends, and venting conversations are healthy, but chronic complaining is toxic and destructive. Never surround yourself with so much negativity.

4. Braggarts- Those that keep bragging about their perfect life, perfect job, perfect relationship. They have everything better, and they don’t think twice before they remind you of that. It is extremely annoying to hear their endless monologues about their latest adventures.

Yet, these people are actually highly insecure and lack self-awareness, and will eventually start discouraging you. You do not need such people in your life, as they are not friends you can count on.

Overall, you cannot develop a healthy friendship with a fake friend. These people are insecure enough to be authentic, and they end up being selfish, negative, and jealous.

To be truly happy in life, you need to put an end on ambivalent relationships, combat frenemies, and cut the ties with “toxic” and fake people. The sooner, the better.