Bald Men Are Sexier, More Masculine, Scientific Study Finds

Up until recently, people felt pity about bald men and their hairless and shiny scalps, but apparently, this has changed.  Is it possible that bald is the new black? Researchers claim that the bald-headed look of men is now perceived as dominant, manly, and sexy!

The process of balding is slow in most men, and it does not happen overnight. It is mainly caused by a family history of baldness in the genetics, and researchers maintain that the androgen receptor gene, which is important in growth regulation, is implicated in male pattern baldness. 

According to studies, by the age of 35, about 66% of men lose a considerable amount of hair, and by 55, almost 90% of men have incurred significant to total hair loss. At this point, most men choose to shave the several remaining tufts of hair, instead of combing them over. 

Baldness has been the cause of low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety for ages and the process of hair loss was shown to be irreversible. 

Yet, this can apparently be a great thing now, according to Dr. Frank Muscarella from Florida’s Barry University. He conducted a study which divided men into two groups, who rated men in four quadrants: physical attractiveness, aggressiveness, appeasement, and social maturity, ranging from honesty to intelligence and social status.

The first group scored photos of men who had full heads of hair, and the second score the same men, but with their hair computer digitally removed. Most participants scored bald men as more intelligent, stronger, and honest, sexier and more masculine. 

Similarly,  a research study from the University of Pennsylvania gave the same results. It was titled “Shown Scalps and Perceptions of Male Dominance” and was conducted by the data scientist Albert E. Mannes, who happens to be bald himself.  His aim was to discover how people react to men with shaved heads and showed 59 people different pictures of men with bald heads and with hair.

Participants saw each photo twice, the first one of a man with a full head of hair and the second showing the same man with his hair shaved off. They consistently reported that they found the bald men were more dominant, bigger and stronger.

Yet, note that these men were completely hairless, as small patches of baldness were seen as weaker and less attractive.

Therefore, if you are worried about becoming bald, it is time to embrace the normal process of hair loss, relax, and become more confident. You should feel good since you look good!

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