Badass Hidden Mandalas Is The Hottest New Hair Trend

The hair is known to be the crown of a woman, and women’s hairstyles have been constantly changing throughout history. Nowadays, with the help of social media, we can get countless creative ideas and get to try the newest hair trends!

Do you like shaved hairstyles? Over the last several years, girls went crazy about them! So, undercuts are officially back, and they bring back the bold and creative 90’s trend!

Dubbed a ‘hidden hair tattoo’, it is one of Instagram’s favorites, hashtagged #hairtattoo, natch, and has won numerous hearts! The updated buzz cut comes in various designs and intricate patterns and it looks like a true work of art!

Here are some incredible ways to wear a shave or an undercut:

1. The Mandala Undercut

The Mandala design is incredibly popular!

2. The Two Tone Undercut

Undercut tattoos always look badass!

3. The Lotus Undercut

Ready for a perfect twist to a summer updo?

4. The Multicoloured Undercut

People have recently become obsessed with hidden hair tattoos.

5. The Asymmetric Undercut

You can choose the asymmetrical cut too.

6. The Flower Undercut

Just choose your design!

7. The Zig Zag Undercut

Everyone will love this one!

8. The Triangle Undercut

If you are bold enough, give it a try!

9. The Chevron Undercut

Just elevate a traditional side undercut.

10. The Diamond Undercut

Gorgeous, and less dramatic.

11. The Linear Undercut

Girls love these geometric designs!

12. The Arrows Undercut

You can even dye the locks!

13. The Pyramid Lotus Undercut

It looks great on both, long and short cuts.

14. The Heart Undercut

This simple heart design is probably the one that’ll win your heart!

15. The Geometric Undercut

Show your creativity, but keep it low-key for work or school.

16. The Pink Undercut

Try it out if you’ve got short hair!