Autistic Boy Gains Ability to Speak After Just 2 Days of Cannabis Oil Treatment

When has was only ten months, Kalel Santiago of Puerto Rico was diagnosed with a rare cancer form, known as neuroblastoma.

This boy went through all the conventional cancer treatments, radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, in a period of two years, and managed to survive.

Yet, this was not the end of his suffering. He was then diagnosed with severe autism which disabled his speaking ability.

His father, Abiel Gomez Santiago, told Yahoo News the following:

 “While he was in the hospital, we noticed he didn’t speak at all and had some behavior that wasn’t right, like hand flapping and walking on his toes. But we waited until he was 3 and cancer-free to look at his behavior.”

Yahoo reports that “He and his wife Gladys — also parents to two older boys, now 18 and 20 — did a cram course in educating themselves on autism. They tried various schools and therapies and eventually found impressive success with a unique surf-therapy school near their home.”

After a while, the family of Kalel decided to try another treatment which promised positive effects: CBD oil. The family succeeded to get a small bottle of the oil through a fundraising program and gave Kalel oral doses twice daily.

As incredible as it may sound, the body regained his ability to speak in only two days! Abiel remembers:

 “He surprised us in school by saying the vowels, A-E-I-O-U. It was the first time ever. You can’t imagine the emotion we had, hearing Kalel’s voice for the first time. It was amazing. The teacher recorded him and sent it to my wife and me and we said well, the only different thing we have been doing is using the CBD.”

Very soon after, Kalel started pronouncing consonants as well, and his parents were more than surprised. His father adds:

“He said, ‘amo mi mama,’ ‘I love my mom. ’I don’t know how to thank [the CBD oil makers].”

The story of this little boy is just one of the numerous others all around the world which support the positive effects of cannabis oil in the treatment of various health issues.  Such stories provide evidence that the legalization of marijuana and the cannabis oil may provide numerous benefits.

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