At 99, Betty White Puts All Fear Aside To Kiss A Giant Grizzly Bear

Betty, two days ago, celebrated her 99th birthday. If you ask Betty White about herself, she would tell you: ‘’I’m still going strong!’’
Good for you, Betty!

If there was a list of the most beloved actress, Betty White must be there holding the top position. Her contagious charisma deserves all awards for the huge success.

Her birthday is on January 17, 1922, in Illinois. When she was a child, her family moved to Los Angeles, California. At the beginning of the 1950s, Betty started working in a local TV station and launched her first show called ‘’Life With Elizabeth. ‘’

Her most tremendous success was with the role on the ‘’Mary Tyler Moore Show.’’ The show showed her charisma, sweet smile, and sharp wit.

Also, White’s role in ‘’The Golden Girls’’ secured a special place in the audience’s hearts. In this show, we could see the lives of elderly female friends. It was among the top-rated shows made of seven seasons. They won seven awards, and White got an Emmy.

She continued her career during the years.

In 2010, her career experienced a blossom when she showed up in a comical candy bar advertisement for the Superbowl. White is the oldest person who hosted Saturday Night Live. There, she nails it!

Elizabeth spoke for Newsweek:
“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. It was really funny stuff, but it was a challenge.”

Maybe she is a great actress, but her heart is whole with her charity work. Regarding this issue, Beth said:
“I have to keep acting so that I can afford to keep doing my charity work!”

Moreover, animals are her weakness. White has collaborated with the Los Angeles Zoo and the Morris Foundation for 40 years.
“I’m actually the luckiest old broad alive. Half my life is working in a profession I love, and the other half is working with animals.”

Tom Sullivan also commented on her personality.
“I believe Betty White can charm the savage beast. Though Betty always treats people with dignity, respect, and charm, she has a far closer relationship to animals than she does people.”

And another friend also said:
“Betty is going to be remembered as a very kind person, a loving person, an extremely terrific actress, and comedian. But I think she really wants to be remembered as one who gave most of her life to animals.’

After so many years spent among animals, we cannot say it is weird that she loves them so much.

You can see Elizabeth white next to a giant bear Bam Bam in the video below in LA Zoo.

If you want to see the video, click here.