Asian Seafood Raised on Pig Feces Approved for U.S. Consumers

You all love sea food, or at least most of you. But, what if you knew that your favorite food is tainted with pig waste? And, just in case you are wondering, yes, the government knows about it. Americans eat significant amount of feces on a regular basis without knowing it.

As Bloomberg Business explains, workers stand on dirty floors and sort the shrimps, the place is loaded with trash, and there are flies crawling all over the processed shrimps.


The room, of course, is not chilled. Some shrimps are packed over ice made from water that is contaminated with bacteria. This is wrong in so many ways and it is completely unsafe for consumption!

In Vietnam almost 100 million pounds of shrimps are shipped to the US every year. This is about 8 percent of the shrimps that are sold in the US.

Outside Hong Kong, at a particular Tilapia farm, the fish are fed with food that includes pig and geese feces. Taking into consideration that the manure could be possibly contaminated with salmonella, this is totally unhealthy and unsafe for consumption. This comes due to the fact that fecal matter is a much cheaper alternative to commercial fish food.

The FDA inspects the shipments to the States, but unfortunately the resources are limited. They can only inspect about 3 percent of all the shipments.

Over 27 percent of the seafood Americans eat comes from China. Make sure the seafood you eat comes from our waters. But, not eating it all is probably the best advice you can get!

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