Arthritis Cure Found in Nature

Individuals with rheumatoid arthritis mostly experience an early exacerbation when there is more agony. It is called a Herxheimer response and is something worth being thankful for as it demonstrates the cure is working, yet they must endure and in an alternate 2 or 3 weeks all the agony and swelling and solidness will be gone.

Later they will return to one tablet a day for maintenance measurements with the goal that they can stay away from any more arthritis. In 1986 The Rheumatoid Disease Foundation got data on Boron and Arthritis from Rex E. Newnham, Ph.D., D.o., N.d. of Leeds, England.


Boron is a trace mineral that is indispensable for some capacities in the body. It is found in soil, water, nourishment, and in little sums in the body.

“In countries where there are minimum amounts of available boron in the soil there is much more arthritis. In most developed countries there are about 20% of people with some musculo-skeletal disease, which is generally arthritis. In places where there is more than usual boron in the soil there is much less arthritis” said Dr. Newman.

Dr. Newnham’s speculation is making progress through doctors and vitamin research associations. His Osteo-follow, B-Alive, or Bone Salts tablets have likewise helped the elderly, in Still’s Disease, Juvenile Arthritis, and Lupus, particularly in its serious manifestation of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

“Fruits and vegetables are rich in boron, especially apples, pears, nuts, leafy vegetables and legumes. The average boron intake can vary greatly in individuals depending on their daily diet. Some have only 0.2 mg. per day, while vegetarians may consume up to 20 mg. of boron per day. Based on animal experiments, it seems reasonable that the human requirement for boron will be found to be near 1 to 2 mg. per day” says Dr. Newman.

In the most recent 15 years something in excess of 500,000 individuals have utilized a boron food supplement tablet to dispose of their arthritis. They take 3 tablets a day while they have arthritis and in around 1 to 3 months they can dispose of all the agony, swelling and solidness.

The American Human Nutrition Research Center has demonstrated that a comparative boron supplement will lessen the everyday loss of calcium by about half and this would imply that casualties of osteoporosis would live more and be free of agony and inconvenience.

Fruits and vegetables is the regular food which is rich in boron; nectar is likewise a decent source. Anyhow these nourishments ought to be naturally developed. A decent apple can have 20 mg boron, yet a normal apple developed with compost can have as meager as 1 mg boron, or possibly less. The same applies to certain different fruits.

What this demonstrates is that taking of boron ought to be the first thing to do to avoid or heal arthritis.

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