Arnold Schwarzenegger Gets Greta Thunberg A Tesla Model 3 Electric Car

If we are to seek justice, change, and immediate action to save the planet, we need to unite.

Greta Thunberg, 16, is the young girl who, horrified, accused world leaders of not taking the necessary actions to save humanity, and became an international hero.

She called out world leaders for their general inaction on the climate crisis, and her fiery speech pointed out the damages incurred by the planet as well as the repercussions of climate change on future generations.

She started the Fridays for Future campaign, mobilizing over a million students across the globe.

The climate activist sailed across the Atlantic on a zero-carbon yacht to reduce her carbon footprint. Since arriving, she has attended numerous climate change protests, as well as addressing the world with a powerful speech at the UN Climate Summit.

Her speech inspired millions of people to protest for the planet, even though she’s still facing backlash from people who refuse to listen and learn from a teenager.

Therefore, before her trip to Canada, Arnold Schwarzenegger offered to loan her his favorite electric car, a Kreisel Electric modified H1, reportedly claimed to be the world’s first electric version of the SUV. Unfortunately, appeared to be an impractical option for Thunberg’s trip.

Therefore, he reportedly told Thunberg to call him ‘if she needed anything’ and when it came to environmentally friendly transportation, he was more than happy to step in.

He arranged a more climate-friendly vehicle for her use and made sure she has a Tesla Model 3 for the duration of her trip through North America.

A spokesperson for Schwarzenegger reported that she ‘can travel fully electric through the United States and Canada’.

According to Tesla’s website, Tesla’s Model 3 travels 348 miles on a single charge.

Both the actor and the 16-year-old are passionate about taking action against climate change, and they met in Austria earlier this year.

Schwarzenegger then admitted he was ‘starstruck’ by the 16-year-old.