Area 51 Raid Will Be ‘Live Streamed’. Nearly 2,000,000 Are Going

It seems that numerous people are very curious about September 20th when more than a million people plan to storm the secret military base “Area 51.”

Expert on the mythical site claim that curiosity seekers should stay home, as the United States military reported that they will defend the territory with force if necessary.

On the same day, a party is scheduled to take place at a nearby tourist attraction called Area 15, located near Rancho Drive and Desert Inn Road.

It is described as an ‘experiential retail and entertainment complex’. Yet, despite the party, the complex will also be live-streaming the event so everyone can keep up on what is happening.

It is welcoming curiosity seekers to their building, and they advise them to bring costumes and tin foil hats. The promise to live stream the raid has attracted alien enthusiasts from all over the globe, and the “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” event has over 1.4 million confirmed attendees so far.

Even though this entertainment complex is scheduled to open in 2020, they are opening early just for this special occasion.

The goal of the event is to uncover whatever secrets are hidden there, as the majority of conspiracy theorists reckon are a load of extraterrestrials.

September 20th is a mystery, and this mystery seems to attract numerous people, but at this point, we can just wait and see what happens on the party that has become an internet sensation.

Yet, if you plan on going out to Area 51 on September 20th too, we advise you to be careful!