Architect Transforms Home Into Lush ‘Rainforest’ With Over 400 Plants

Plants make life better, and Jason Chongue takes care of hundreds of unique plants inside his Melbourne home

Jason Chongue turned his urban home into a jungle using rare plants, and the final result was more than brilliant. The Melbourne man has the most mind-blowing collection of plants. He takes are of more than 400 cool plants.

Chongue doesn’t have too much outdoor space to take care of, so he decided to work inside his home. His plants come in all shapes and sizes and they cover up a big portion of Chongue’s home.

“The last count was over 400 plants indoors and outdoors there is plenty more,” the interior designer said in his interview with Daily Mail Australia. “Filling my home with plants was an organic result of not having enough outdoor space to feed my gardening obsession.

When you live in a dense urban community, outdoor space comes at a premium, so the answer was gardening indoors. There are so many indoor plants that can thrive in our indoor world.”

The whole thing started early in his childhood. Chongue was spending a lot of time with his grandparents’ garden. Gardening was a fun family activity, and Chongue enjoyed every bit of it. He grew up surrounded by pets and plants and spent most of his days in the garden. The young man was growing different plants and he was really passionate about it.

“I was infatuated with nature and greenery, from plants to pet I was obsessed. I would spend my days in the garden, growing and experimenting with anything I could get my hands on,” Chongue said. “Over the years I’ve explored a range of plant types and species, but the collection has grown and evolved. Some plants I have with me now are from my childhood, whilst others are additions and others have been passed on to me. My obsession with plants comes from my passion for greenery and how plants can make the world of difference in our living spaces.”

Taking care of these wonderful plants makes Chongue feel good. He is really proud of his sanctuary, adding that it allows him to “escape” his daily urban life.

“Walking into our home is comforting and grounding. It’s become a haven where the air is fresh, and the greenery forms a mental escape,” Chongue explained.

“When indoor spaces are predominately hard-edged and man-made it’s so nice softening these spaces with plants that evolve over time. Through the act of gardening, it’s relaxing for me to get my hands into the soil or prune my plants on a daily basis. It’s an escape from my daily life.”

Chongue’s interest in plants is now a brilliant business project. In August 2016, the young man co-founded The Plant Society. It’s a plant social network for people like him. It was a life-changing idea, and Chongue uses his passion to motivate others.

“Having co-founded The Plant Society, plants have definitely changed my life. It’s nice being able to motivate the wider community about the benefits of greenery but also be there to help support them,” he said. “Life can become hectic and gardening allows us to slow down and reflect.”

Chongue takes really good care of his plants. He makes sure they all get enough light, water, and nutrition. It takes about two hours a day for Chongue to take care of his plants. His home looks beautiful, and his friends and family love the jungle that’s growing inside the big city.

“On a daily basis, I spend thirty minutes to an hour gardening in the morning, and then I spend an hour or so after work tending to my plants. Once a week I spend a solid block of one to two hours getting more intricate tasks done,” Chongue said. “It’s always a surprise when you walk through the front door of our home. They are amazed, but also not entirely in shock, as gardening has always been a part of who I am. It’s nice seeing how happy they are when they come over.”

Chongue provided some great tips for first-time planters. Plants need water, light, and nutrition. They are alive and in need of love.

Plants get sick, and you can easily target the problem by going step by step. Gardening requires a lot of work and patience. There’s no need for rushing, and you shouldn’t force anything. It’s a process filled with joy and excitement. You are growing something with the help of your hands and that’s amazing.

“Focus on the fundamentals. Plants are alive,” Chongue said. “They thrive off the fundamentals of water, light, and nutrition. Keep on top of these to allow your plants to thrive. Take it slow. There is no rush when it comes to gardening. Don’t force instant results.

The plant world is on a journey of its own so make sure to slow down and enjoy the process of gardening. Plants don’t thrive off neglect. Check in on your plants regularly, my tip is every week or two. You want to nurture your plants and also catch any plant problems early.”

Problems are easily solved and even the worst gardener can improve their skills over time. Be patient and your plants will reward you.

‘When you have plant problems, don’t panic. Try to systematically pinpoint the problem and this will provide you with the solution. Like humans, plant illness and diseases will take time to resolve. Keep treating until the problem has disappeared. And speak up. From when I first began gardening and even now I’m always asking for advice. With a multitude of plant types, you’ll always need help from family, friends, neighbors, and online plant friends.”

We love Chongue’s business idea, and we’d love to spend our days surrounded by rare plants. Hanging plants are our favorite, and we are definitely getting a few of these.