Apparently, These Mesmerizing Ice Cream Tulips Are A Thing And They’re Making People Hungry

Nature is always inspiring and magnificent, but spring has its own magic. The entire environment is waking from the long and quiet winter, we see flowers in vibrant colors all around us, we smell their delicate fragrance, and we hear birds singing.

The ever-adored tulip is a popular symbol of the new season of reawakening, as one of the first to arrive in spring.

Numerous countries hold festivals of the tulip every year, to announce the arrival of the spring.

Ice cream tulips are a rare variety of tulips that look just delicious 


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This year, these gatherings are being canceled, so people are left to marvel at the beauty of these flowers from home.


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One of the most beautiful varieties of tulips is the “ice cream” tulip.

These majestic flowers actually look like ice cream!

They have light pink leaves and a white “ice cream scoop” on top.

Ice cream tulips bloom in late April and early May and grow as tall as 12 – 16 inches.

Also, while other tulips have six petals, these have twice the amount.


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These tulips are excellent for pot and containers as well, and they prefer sunny weather or protection provided by shade and cover.

Ice cream tulips can vary in color and petal shape, but they all look stunning!

They are quite rare and were created via cross-breeding between the double white T. Casa Blanca and the double red with yellow edges T. West Frisia.

You must agree, they look delicious!