Anyone Who’s Still Going Into Work

If you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Yet, if this is not the case with you, you belong to the huge and unfortunate group of people that detest the idea of having to go to work every single morning.

A growing number of surveys indicate that many Americans are disgruntled with their jobs. The report by The Conference Board, a market information company that publishes the Consumer Confidence Index, indicates that less than half of Americans like their jobs.

An earlier survey done by showed that 4 out of 5 Americans were not working their dream jobs.

Here are the five most common reasons why people hate their jobs:

  • It’s boring. If the job does not challenge you to work hard and improve, you become lethargic and drained.
  • The policies of the company are ridiculous or dictatorial, and you feel like you don’t have even the most basic rights at the workplace, but any objection will likely lead to you getting fired
  • Your boss uses the recession as an excuse to push you to the breaking point.
  • Your schedule is terrible, and your job is too time-consuming for you to enjoy life normally.
  • You really don’t like the job you are working

Times have changed, and while our parents and grandparents worked the same job until the retirement party and the gold watch, nowadays, it is normal to change jobs throughout the working life and change careers.

Therefore, if you are unhappy with your job even after you have carefully analyzed all the pros and cons, don’t be afraid to leave and find a place where your talents, skills, and ambitions will be stimulated, recognized, and appreciated.

Tess Brigham, a San Francisco-based psychotherapist and certified life coach, advises:

“Before you decide to quit and start applying to different jobs, take some time to figure out what you really value and what kind of impact you want to have.

Once you start to understand the things that truly matter to you, it’ll be easier to find a job that fits you best. “

Yet, she adds:

“Also keep in mind that you’re not going to land your dream job right away.

Successful people focus on what they can learn from their current role and how the skills and experience they take away can attract bigger opportunities. Patience is key, and it’ll likely be years before you can proudly say, “I love my job.”