American Medical Association Votes to BAN Prescription Drug Commercials

Especially regarding the situation of the drug companies which get customers hooked on costly drugs, AMA board chair-elect Patrice Harris explains that this attitude “reflects concerns among physicians about the negative impact of commercially-driven promotions.”

Currently, there only two countries worldwide which allow direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription drugs are New Zealand and the United States. However, since the ban is advised by one of the best medical establishments in the country, we should definitely consider it.

The requests are for more transparent prices and costs of prescription drugs. A growing number of doctors are joining the case, and according to Michael Carome, M.D., director of Public Citizen’s Health Research division, “We agree that such advertising is primarily promotional,” explaining that it is “not educational” and that it “drives up the cost of drugs.”

Yet, the US Congress will need to decide to pass this ban.

(Article originally published on an open source blog)