Amazon Is Selling Chicken Harnesses That Help Your Chicken Cross The Road Safely

Yesito is a company that produces colorful chicken harnesses. Who needs these? Chickens. These harnesses are supposed to help chicken cross a street, and yes, they come in different colors. You can find a piece that matches your chicken.

According to the company, these harnesses are adjustable and easy to use. They won’t hurt the chicken, and are definitely considered safe.

Apparently, chicken can walk on a leash. That’s the only way to keep them safe. When did chicken become this philosophical?

The charming harness and leash are made of durable mesh fabric and you can use them every day. There are different colors and three sets of bowties.

You can get the leashes for CDN$ 30 (~$ 23).

Yesito sells other items for your chicken. You can buy egg gathering aprons.

Do you have a duck? It will fit in the harness.

It turns out that fans really liked the product.

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