Amazing: Scientists Created a Yogurt That Detects Cancer – It Can Replace Colonoscopies

The existing methods for cancer detection include injection of molecules, but the latest method eliminates this invasive part by modifying certain bacteria in yogurt.

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology came to another simple method to detect cancer, and it involves yoghurt and a simple urine test.


Professor Sangin Bhatia managed to develop molecules that act as biomarkers in the detection of colorectal cancer cells. If you drink these molecules together with your yoghurt, they will find their way to the cancer cells, where enzymes are dissolved into finest particles and eventually discharged from the body through the urine.

All you have to do is take a small piece of paper and collect these particles. The testings were made on mice, while in clinical trials in patients this method would certainly be accepted as quite simple and super-cheap.

According to the American Association for Cancer, 40 percent of people with colorectal cancer have early diagnosis of the disease due to the low level of examination.

Image Via Shutterstock