Amazing Natural Remedies For Women

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Natural remedies sometimes do help, at least when it comes to the most common female issues.

Bladder inflammation

You should drink at least two litres of mineral water and a cup of cranberry tea every day in order to get rid of all those dangerous bacteria in your body. This fruit reduces pH level in the urine, and stops any possible bacterial proliferation. Fill your hot water bottle right after you feel the first symptoms, and hold it on your stomach.

Premenstrual Cramps

Any massage using pleasantly fragranced essential oil stimulates your body to heal itself, and it also the strengthens nervous and endocrine system.

Jogging improves circulation and relaxes muscles. The happy hormone is secreted while jogging, so we recommend you running three times a week for at least half an hour.


Vaginal Infections

Add five drops of herbal essential oils in a cup of warm water, and use the mixture to wash your intimate zone.

Use a tampon soaked in yogurt and change it after four hours.

Avoid perfumed washing gels or intimate care sprays, because they cause acidic imbalance.

Menopausal Upsets

Lavander, orange and rose fragrances have calming effect. Add two drops of any essential oil in a bowl or use a special essential oil lamp. North American herb “Cimicifuga racemosa”, red clover and soy have similar effect as estrogen regarding the endocrine balance.


Put a handful of hops in two different containers. Fill the first container with warm water (38°C), and use cold water to fill the second container (10°C).

Soak your feet in the container with warm water for five minutes, and then keep them for ten seconds in the second container with cold water. Repeat the procedure four times. Drink sage tea, since it is effective in dealing with obesity, and it is also beneficial while doing any sport activity.