Albino Sisters Born 12 Years Apart Stun The World With Their Extraordinary Beauty

Our remarkable world has been designed diverse and diversity is its necessary part. Actually, diversity became the new beauty ideal!

Two albino sisters keep gaining popularity because they are different, and their unique beauty has simply charmed the world! These two girls from Kazakhstan, Asel and Kamila Kalaganova, were born into the same family 12 years apart.

Kamila, 2, and her elder sister Asel, 14, have an eight-year-old brother, Aldiya, who has a more conventional Kazakh appearance.

Asel says that people are surprised by their appearance, and “many people do not know what albinos are.”

When her mother, Aiman Sarkitov, brought the girl to this world, she was very surprised.

Even the doctors were puzzled too, and many suspected that the girl had an ethnically Russian father.

Aiman explained:

“When I gave birth to my eldest, genetics was not so developed with us. It is developing only now. The doctors were shocked and thought that she was Russian. Then I started reading about this matter, I have learned that my children are albinos.”

She eventually found out that some of her ancestors were albinos.

At the age of 10, Asel started a photo model career. After the birth of her sister and their fascinating family photos, the teenager has become even more popular!

The girls get a lot of attention wherever they go, and Asel has recently finished modeling school.

She currently has over 60,2k Instagram followers!

The sisters know that it is very important to protect their fair complexion and their eyes from sun damage.

Asel said:

 “If I go outside in the afternoon, then I definitely apply sunscreen, put on clothes to protect my skin, headgear, or use an umbrella. In the evening, when there is almost no sun, it’s much easier for me.”

When she was younger, she attended a special school for handicapped children, but she was later transferred to a regular one, as albinism does not entail brain damage, and it only alters the physical appearance.

Her mom says:

“She studies perfectly well. Albinos do not differ much from other children, only their hair, eyelashes, eyes, and skin color.

At first, it was difficult, of course, the children stared at her. Now she feels good, we do not limit her to anything.”

She went on to say that her son “ is dark-skinned, a real Kazakh.” While he asked no questions about the different look of his older sister, after the second one was born, he started wondering why he was not “like them”.

His mom explained things to him, so she claims that he now “realizes that people are looking at the girls, and even begins to boast, proudly telling people about his unique sisters.”

Aiman has encouraged her oldest daughter to meet and talk to other Albino teenagers, so they can help each other by discussing their shared problems.

The unique beauty of these girls impressed netizens: