After This, You Will Go To Sleep With Onions in Your Socks Every Night

According to Chinese medicine, there is a strong connection between our feet and organs, presented through a wide network of so-called “meridians.”

Onion and garlic absorb bacteria and cleanse the body. When combined, they create a super-cheap and efficient detoxification agent. Every night.


Not many people believe in the power of the meridians and the Chinese medicine, the truth is that these are linked to the nervous system, and yes, everyone believes in it.

There are about 7,000 neural endings (Meridians) in the feet and they go directly to the internal organs. These endings are often neglected because we spend our days in shoes, which affects the function of the nerves. Walking on sand with bare feet works great.

Onions are what you need to get these pathways functioning. It is nothing about diet or sauna treatments -- just slice an onion and place the thick slices on your feet; put cotton socks on.

This will provide a proper body cleansing. Of course, you cannot walk like this down the street. For optimal results, do the treatment overnight.

Onions clean skin and kill off germs and bacteria. The phosphoric acid, the one that makes you cry every time you chop an onion, does wonders to your bloodstream. The acid will cleanse your organs and blood through the nerve endings in the feet, killing off any bacteria and germs on its way.

Use organic onions. Experts explain that you will cleanse the air as well. Despite its unpleasant odor, people in England use onions to purify the air of germs and prevent the spreading of infections.


  1. Blood detoxification
  2. Air purification
  3. Killing off germs, bacteria and pathogens

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