After ‘The Most Photographed Dog In Bruges’ Passes Away, People Are Sharing Photos Of Him Throughout The Years

Labradors are intelligent, energetic, easy-to-train, and good-natured canines. They are excellent family dogs that love the company of people. They are protective of their families and homes but are happy to greet company, too.

If you have ever been in Bruges, I believe you have met a remarkable representative of this breed. Many visitors of this Belgian city remember passing the Côté Canal B&B and noticing a cute Labrador napping on a windowsill.

Fidèle, the pooch that greeted thousands of passers-by every day, became a kind of a “landmark” of the city. The celebrity puppy even appeared in the 2008 comedy crime film “In Bruges”, and starred in a commercial for Godiva chocolates.

His owner, Caroline Van Langeraert, explained that his rise to international fame was accidental:

 “One day he just went to lie in front of the window. Since then he’s become a favorite of the tourists.”

Recently, a Twitter user Amy spotted Fidèle for the first time

Visitors enjoying the sight while taking a boat on the Canal were happy to see Fidèle resting on a pillow with his feet up in the air. Countless of them booked reservations at the bed and breakfast just to meet him in person!

Yet, when a woman named Amy tweeted about him and her post quickly went viral, people from all over the world fell in love with the photogenic puppy.

Unfortunately, it was later discovered that Fidèle passed away in 2016, at the age of 12.

His owner, when confirming his death, said:

“He died as we know him, with his head between his paws.”

She received condolences from all around the world, which once more showed that the sleepy pooch charmed so many people.

“They’re all broken-hearted, just like the people of Bruges. He was a sweetheart of a dog.”

Unfortunately, Fidèle passed away in 2016

Being heartbroken, many started sharing their photographs of the dog in a Twitter thread to remember him.

Even after his death, Fidèle remains a celebrity that brightens up the day of everyone who sees a picture of him.

After hearing the news, many shared the photos of “the most photographed dog in Bruges”  they took through the years

Many users shared photos of other animals they have spotted