Adorable Seal Can’t Stop Cuddling A Plush Toy That’s His Mini-Me

An earless seal at a marine conservation facility in Japan keeps hugging and cuddling the plush version of himself- he even gives his best friend a piggy-back ride!

Get ready, for you are about to get some serious heart-melting! Numerous animals are incredibly cute, kind, affectionate, and playful, their babies are simply adorable, but the seal you are to meet today tops them all!

A rescued earless seal lives at the Okhotsk Tokkari Center in Japan’s Hokkaido Prefecture, which is the only marine conservation facility in the country, and it specializes in sheltering earless seals.

The staff at the center gifted the seal a stuffed toy, and he fell in love with this plush version of himself!

He cannot stop cuddling it!

The seal is hand-reared since it was rescued after an injury. The staff was surprised to him hugging his mini-me all the time, cuddling him, and even giving him a ride on the back!

They thought this story is simply too adorable not to share with the world, so they posted the photos on Twitter, and the seal soon became a celebrity!

The seal and his best friend are simply charming!

This loving earless seal gives his stuffed buddy a piggy-back ride!