Adorable Moment Baby Chimp Laughs For First Time After Getting A Tickle From Zookeeper

Adorable footage shows an 11-week-old chimp laughing while she is being tickled for the first time.

Life is tough, but it seems to get tougher with time. We lead stressed and hectic lifestyles, so we all need a good laugh every now and then. However, cute little animals and their adorable habits and reactions can always brighten up our day!

The following video of an 11-week old baby chimp laughing while being tickled for the first time by her zookeeper carers will melt your heart!

The zoo captioned the video as follows:

“Hear chimpanzee Maisie laugh for the first time! Making a play face and laughing is a natural chimp behavior and a milestone chimp babies typically reach between 12 to 16 weeks.”

This August, the Oklahoma City Zoo was happy to welcome the baby chimp, Maisie. Yet, after the mother rejected motherhood, the chimp was moved to Maryland Zoo to be hand-reared.

The adorable chimp loves to play with toys and learns to interact. At the beginning of this month, Maisie was playing with human baby toys and was filmed while giggling with a wide grin at carers, who tickled her under her arms.

Before the carer takes her to meet the rest of the chimps, she plays with the baby toys and checks herself in a mirror.

  • Maisie is now taken care of by zookeepers, and she will eventually be paired with a surrogate chimp mum

  • The 11-week- old chimp laughs for the first time as the zookeeper tickles her

Maisie was born weighing approximately 4lb to first-time mother Nia, a 12-year-old chimpanzee, on August 28. Currently, she is being taken care of by zookeepers, but she will eventually be paired with a surrogate chimp mum.

To ensure her wellbeing, the Chimp Forest Animal Care team works in three shifts around the clock.

Pam Carter, area manager, explained:

“Maisie drinks baby formula every three hours, sleeps, and has some playtime every day to help strengthen her muscles. We also wear a shirt and blanket that have fringe material sewn on that helps her learn to grip.”

  • The little chimp was born at the Oklahoma City Zoo in late August but moved to Maryland Zoo after her birth mum rejected motherhood

Chimps are highly social animals. They can also stand and walk upright, even though they normally walk on all fours.

Scientists have shown that chimps learn at the same rate as humans -- gross motor skills begin to emerge at around four months, communication traits at 12 months, social interaction skills at 14 months, and fine motor skills at 15 months.

They can live up to 50, and care for their offspring for years. Unfortunately, chimpanzees are enlisted as endangered, since they have already disappeared from four countries.