Adorable Highland Cattle Calves Are the World’s Cuddliest Little Cows

The Highland Cattle Calves are a unique-looking breed and they are simply adorable!

Animals can be just as cute as babies, and one breed of fluffy little calves is a great example of this! Although not many of you would expect cows to be fuzzy and warm, these are simply unique!

The Highland cattle calves have long, textured hair, small snouts, tongues, and stature. Plus, they have the longest coifs of any other breed, which cover their faces and hooves and make them look adorable!

These irresistible cuddly-looking creatures are originally from the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland. Their luxurious fur makes them ideal in places with a harsh climate, strong winds, heavy rains, and cooler weather.

Namely, they have double sets of fur in the coat, an oily layer on the outside, that allows rain to slide off, and an inner layer that covers the body with a downy undercoat. Therefore, even when it is snowy, these cows can forage for food. They use their horns as shovels and dig the snow for buried plants.

Scroll down to see photos of these unique calves, and you will easily fall in love!

They are the sweetest moos you’ve ever seen!