Adidas Is Releasing Woodstock Inspired Neon Tie-Dye Sneakers And We’re In Love!

Don’t you think it is about time we all unite to work towards a common goal, and ensure a brighter future for the next generations?

We can start small.. what about new shoes for new movements? The Woodstock- inspired sneakers are shoes with a powerful message! This festival became a symbol of the hippie movement and a lifestyle that promotes peace, love, and music.

Although the celebration for its 50th anniversary, scheduled for August 2019, was cancelled by investors on July 31, Adidas and Nice Kicks found a way to commemorate it.

At the time of a revival of trends from the past decades, and the comeback of the tie-dye design, which was a huge trend in the 60s, they partnered up to revisit the German brand Ultraboost, but this time, with a translucent detailing and a colorful inner liner.

The companies said in a press release:

“The shoe pays homage to the hippie movement and reminds everyone the original message of coming together in hopes for a brighter and more peaceful future.”

In August 2019, Adidas announced them on Twitter:

“Taking inspiration from San Francisco’s hippy heyday, the tie-dyed #ULTRABOOST is a fusion of classic Americana and forward-thinking performance. The @NiceKicks Ultraboost arrives at Nice Kicks stores August 17th and at global Consortium stores November 1st.”

Nice Kicks described them as follows:

 “The sneaker also has semi-translucent cage and heel clip to add to the uniqueness of the sneaker’s story. The shoe features white boost midsoles with red torsion plates and finishes off with a gum rubber outsole.

Nice Kicks and Woodstock branding can be found on the tongue of both shoes as well as the graphic on the footbed. Finally, the sneaker is completed with the signature Consortium eyelets.”

I’m in love!