Acne On The Back: 5 Reasons For Their Occurrence And How To Treat Them

Acne on the back can make us feel unsafe in our own skin every time we go on vacation, so now it’s time to put an end to it.

Fortunately, simple changes in your daily routines can eliminate these acne for good, and you will show the gentle and soft skin on the back with pride.


5 most common causes for back acne are exactly these:

  1. Products that close pores

Body lotions, massage oils and creams for tanning can be causes for the appearance of acne on the back.

Solution: Use not too greasy and fast- drying sun tan creams. In the summer, it is better to use creams instead of lotions for the body, because they contain less oil, and yet, moisture the skin.

If you adore massages, ask your masseuse to use lotion or gel for the treatment.

  1. Clothes that irritate the skin

This particularly applies to the clothes in which you exercise. If you workout in clothing from synthetic materials, there are greater chances of occurrence of acne.

Solution: Choose cotton clothes during your exercise routine.

  1. Genetic factor

If other members of your family have problems with acne, chances that you will also suffer from them are big.

Solution: Use a showering product which contains benzyl peroxide which destroys acne.

  1. Diet

What is good for your heart, is also good for the skin. The skin is the mirror of the ingredients that you daily intake.

Solution: Avoid fast food and other unhealthy foods. Your diet should be rich in fruits and vegetables.

  1. Skin Care of Your Back

Those who do not nourish the skin have more problems than others. To put an end to acne, you must nurture your back just like you treat your face.

Solution: make peeling on your entire back 2 to 3 times a week, preferably with sea salt. The skin will then be gentle and soft. All other preparations that you use must be adapted for mixed skin.