Abandoned Kitten And Rescue Piglet Comfort Each Other

Love always finds a way, but it seems that pain and sadness make hearts grow fonder. Before they met, two unlikely friends lived rather sad lives, but fortunately, life took a new turn.

The Santuario Igualdad Interespecie,  an inter-species equality sanctuary in El Monte, Santiago, Chile, is the home of two best friends, a piglet, called Laura, and a kitten, Marina.

The sanctuary saves animals from their sad life in slaughterhouses, and provides them with a safe and happy home.

Before being brought there, Marina’s mother left the little kitten to die, and she was saved by a Good Samaritan. When she was found, it was very weak, sick, and with pus-filled eyes. When she was brought to the sanctuary, many doubted her survival.

On the other hand, Laura’s mother was a breeder pig in a slaughterhouse. The cage she lived in was so small,  that she could not move. The place was so brutal, according to the sanctuary, that owners cut the tails of the pigs and pulled out their teeth without any anesthetic.

Luckily, Linda was saved before she suffered more at the awful place.

When she was brought to the sanctuary, the little Laura was trembling with fear. When they met at the sanctuary, the two animals bonded instantly, and after a while, they became best friends.

They spend a lot of their spare time cuddling, playing together, and simply, having fun.

According to the Facebook page of the sanctuary:

 “Since her arrival, Laura has been treated with love and care that a baby deserves, and has formed a deep friendship with Marina kitten, showing by example, that when it comes to relations of friendship and respect, no matter the species to which one belongs.”

Even though you might find their friendship strange, cats and pigs are known to get along well.

Researchers have always found interspecies friendship amusing, and have tried to investigate the reasons for them, believing that they could thus learn something more about interspecies communication.

Gordon Burghardt, a Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Ecology, and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Tennessee, explains:

“There is no question that studying these relationships can give you some insight into the factors that go into normal relationships.”

Animals can teach us that real love is unconditional, limitless, and free of prejudices of all kinds.

Let’s just hope that more people will become aware of the importance to fight for them, rescue them, and provide them with the safe home they deserve to live in.