A Woman Got Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her 20 New Iphones, Which She Sold To Buy A House

Women can turn the whole world over, and numerous examples from the history confirm that feminine power is simply unstoppable. Yet, many women who are aware of their power to control men are also willing to use it for their own material benefit.

Therefore, a woman in China persuaded her 20 boyfriends to buy 20 iPhones 7 and then sold them on a recycling site to buy a house. She managed to earn about £725 for each one and used the money to put down a deposit on a house.

The case was revealed on a Chinese blogging platform by Tian Ya Yi Du and was written by someone using the pseudonym ‘Proud Qiaoba’. He claimed he was allegedly colleagues with the woman who Chinese media dubbed ‘Xiaoli’, and said that everyone in the office is now talking about it.

Xiaoli is a woman from the city of Shenzhen in southern China, and after receiving the twenty newly launched iPhone 7 from her boyfriends, she sold them all to a mobile phone recycling site called Hui Shou Bao for 120,000 Chinese yuan (about £14,500).

The house she bought was in the countryside, and when she showed her new house to their group of friends, they were all very surprised when she revealed the way she got the money.

Following the story, numerous subscribers on China’s microblogging site Sina Weibo commented it. 

Some have been giving praise to the shrewd woman, others found her scheme shameless, and there were even those who tried to understand her by explaining that she is not from a wealthy family, her mum being a housewife and her dad a migrant worker. As the oldest daughter and her parents are getting old, she might be under a lot of pressure to buy them a house.

Since numerous people suspicious after hearing the story, BBC Trending approached Hui Shou Bao and a company spokesperson confirmed that they had indeed bought 20 iPhones from a female client at the beginning of October and paid 6,000 Chinese yuan (about £725) for each one.

What was even more astounding is the fact the iPhone 7 was launched on Sept. 17 of this year, which means Xiaoli navigated expeditiously. The hashtag “20 mobiles for a house” quickly started trending on Weibo, and has been used more than 13 million times.