A Walmart Shopper Gargled Mouthwash, Spit It Back in the Bottle, and Returned it to the Store Shelf

Would you gargle your regular mouthwash and then spit it back in the bottle? Twitter personality Bameron Nicole Smith (@bameronkaii) likes to do that.

His video went viral, and it’s not the only disturbing thing you will see on the Internet these days.

There are people who lick ice cream and then put it back in the grocery store freezer. Yes, this may be staged, but people freak out. These people believe there’s no such thing as bad publicity and followers still wait for the next disgusting trend to happen.

Social media “kills” our vibe and trust. What’s wrong with people? How can someone thrive with the idea of ruining someone’s life? Hopefully, these trends will stop. We don’t need people filming their puke or licking the ice cream you are about to buy. We need something healthy and educational.

Good music maybe? It’s time to make a change. It all starts with you. Stop giving attention to those who misuse it. “Stop making stupid people famous.” You have probably heard this one.

Are you willing to be the change? Will you build instead of destroy trust, honesty and loyalty? Think about this.

Sources: www.delish.com