A Swimming Pool Made From A Shipping Container That Looks Stunning

Public pools may be an option for you in hot summer days, but these are packed with germs and bodily fluids. Gross, right? Well, not everyone is able to build a pool in the backyard, because it’ super expensive. Have you ever considered jumping into a stock tank pool or having one in your yard? Yes, these are also a good idea.

Front-yard show-glass pool

Modpools is here to step up your pool game. The Canada-based pool manufacturer adds a dash of elegance and creativity to pools, and they use shipping containers. Can you imagine turning one of these into a pool?

The pool manufacturer patented an economical swimming pool made of shipping containers and fitted with thick glass one on side. You can get one of these for a price of $16,500 to $40,000 depending on the size of your pool (12, 20 and 40 feet). This is your chance to swim into your own clean and germ-free pool, plus you get a nice view.


These pools come packed with LED lights and strong cartridge filter systems that keep your water fresh and clean. The pools also have a 400,000 BTU heater and a hot tub divider wall, except for the 12-foot pools.

This wall is a light, honeycomb acrylic wall, as noted by the company. Use it to split your pool into two sections, and go for a hot ‘n cold pleasure.

The system is controlled with a wireless control screen logic app, and you can get it on your smartphone. Pools of 20 and 40 feet have 8 body jets available for full spa mode and fancy spa seating arrangement.

You have to love these! Modpools came with a brilliant idea, and people can actually afford their pools. The best part comes when you are told that the company installs the pools in less than half an hour. Don’t forget to call a qualified electrician to set your pool and prevent any installation-related issues.

Would you get one of these? Summer is here, and you can get a pool in half an hour. No urine, no germs, no crowds. Think about this, and make a decision. Enjoy your summer in the best way ever.