A Strong Woman Doesn’t Seek Revenge

Modern life keeps getting more and more complicated, and the daily stress we encounter made many of us disappointed, aggressive, tired, anxious and depressed.

Anxiety is an intense inner war without a break from a barrage of thoughts. It is obsessive, terrifying, and never mild.

Therefore, women who have been struggling with anxiety are real warriors. They choose to be strong every single day when they open their eyes.

While most of us would simply skip all scheduled meetings, cancel all plans, turn off the cell phone, and lock ourselves at home, anxious women keep fighting, even though they are afraid and shaking. There are days when they go through a sudden panic attack or sweaty palms or racy heartbeat, but they are still brave enough to face the world.

They decide to follow their intuition and instincts and to ignore the demons in their head, always with the head up, regardless of the chaos in their mind. They do their best even though the negative thoughts obscure the positive ones most of the time.

Dealing with mental illness is one of the most challenging battles in life, so these women are incredibly courageous and determined, no matter how tired they grow over time. They manage to function, as they have found efficient coping mechanisms, and no matter how hard it can get, they always find a way to calm their anxious mind.

Anxious women decide to never give up, to focus on their dreams and goals, and not to let anxiety drain the life out of them.

They are forced to venture outside their comfort zone every single day, so they can never relax. This is the reason why anxious women keep growing and learning.

Some days are just too stressful for them, but these women decide to fight back and recover.

An anxious woman clings to hope, takes a deep breath, and waits for the darkness to fade. She is her own hero, and refuses to let her condition control her life.

And even though she goes through it all every day, an anxious woman is highly empathic and sensitive, so she will always try to understand your problems, and help you manage your burdens.

It takes a lot of strength, bravery, sophistication, and resilience to keep fighting while the anxious thoughts seem to be going nowhere soon.

Yet, these women believe that they will eventually conquer them. And while they keep struggling daily, they usually win most days.