A Remote Irish Island Is Looking For Two Friends To Live There For Free And Run Its Coffee Shop

Our lives in today’s world have become too complex, hectic, stress-high, and fast. Therefore, I believe the biggest dream of us all is to find the time and resources to go on an idyllic, remote island and just relax..

Well, we have some good news for you- you can do it and get paid for it! Ok, nothing is that perfect!

You’ll have to work a bit, but the rest is true!


This summer, you can go to Great Blasket Island off the western coast of Ireland, and run a coffee shop there.

The Great Blasket’s tourism center posted an ad on Twitter, explaining that it needs two people to manage accommodations and the coffee shop on the island from April to October 2020.

This is a chance to enjoy a perfect working holiday


Who wouldn’t like to enjoy the summer worry-free?

All you’ll need is your partner or a friend to accompany you


This is a perfect opportunity to take a summer holiday away from everyone and everything that leaves you exhausted and anxious.

Are you ready to switch off?


Yet, one has to be really prepared to completely switch off. The island is only accessible by boat from surrounding islands.

What about spending the summer on a remote island?


If you are ready for it, it will certainly be the holiday of your dreams!

This is Great Blasket Island.

The Great Blasket island belongs to a group of islands off the west coast of Ireland, and it is the largest of them all.

And very remote indeed!


It was reported that the place is sparsely populated, and the largest number of people to ever live on the Great Basket Islands was 160.

You’ll enjoy the scenery in silence and peace, as it’s sparsely populated

According to the website of the island, “in the past few years a number of the houses have been restored and amenities provided for visitors to the island.”

It’s a real-life paradise!

If you are into hiking, it is another reason more to apply for the job. The island is about 6km long, and its highest point is An Cró Mór that is 292 meters above sea level.

The place has rich wildlife

The place is said to be rich in Irish culture and wildlife.

It’s the ideal destination for hikers

“Looking out to the #Greatblasketisland from the top of the Clasach on this grey, windy, winters day. Such a beautiful hike, an absolute must if you’re in the #Dinglearea.”

Romantic souls will fall in love with the sunsets

The place is the ultimate destination for relaxation!

Early risers can admire the sunrises

The sunrises are extraordinary, and every morning becomes a valuable memory.

The enchanting place invites you


Here is the ad in question:

** Job Vacancy **
A unique position required – looking for long term management of Island Accommodation and Coffee Shop. Couple or two friends.
1st April 2020 – October 2020 accommodation and food provided.
Email Alice on info@greatblasketisland.net for more information pic.twitter.com/RJFfrr4QDH

— Great Blasket Island (@gbisland) January 10, 2020

The Twitter listing did not specify the salary offered for the post, but the employees will get free room and board.

Think about leaving the hectic life and go to Ireland to de-stress and enjoy


If you accept the offer, you will have to stay there for 6 months off-grid, as there is no WiFi, electricity or hot water for showers. Moreover,  “drinking water is a limited commodity”.

But who needs all of this when you get the opportunity of a lifetime?

It’s a unique opportunity, even though it might be tough at times

Alice Hayes, who posted the job ad, explained that it would be “”intense and tough but it’s a very unique position. It’s back to basics — fires, candles, stoves, wildlife, and nature.”

Thousands of people applied for the post

Many Twitter users loved the job and applied for it!

On its Instagram page, the island posted that they were contacted by thousands of people:

 “We are beyond overwhelmed at the response for the job post for the Great Blasket Island coffee shop and accommodation. The island is just off the coast of Ireland.

 Posting the advert last year, we were concerned we would not find ANYONE willing to leave their job, pack their bags and move to a wind-swept island with no electricity OR hot water in the middle of the Atlantic, off the Dingle peninsula for 6 months of the year! “

Yet, they received so many applications, that “if only we could get everyone who applied to stay for one night , we’d be fully booked for the next 30 years.”

What about you?


So, it looks like you are not the only one that realized this is a not-to-be-missed chance in life!

For more details, email  info@greatblasketisland.net, and it might not be too late to pack your bags!

If not this summer, you might be encouraged to apply for the post next summer!

You better act fast!