A Photographer Shoots Newborn Babies Snuggling With Animals, And The Pics Are Beyond Adorable

Sujata Setia takes the sweetest photos of newborns and their cute furry friends, bringing joy and lasting memory to new parents

Pets and kids make the perfect combo, and their playful spirits will definitely make you smile. Pets like to take care of small children, and their love for the little creatures is making the best stories.

Imagine being a photographer who is hired to take photos of pets and children. Recent studies have shown that young children need to grow alongside a furry friend.

Pets make children happy and healthy

A recent study at the University of Alberta showed that pets reduce the risk of allergies and obesity in children. According to the results of the study, having a pet around the baby in the first months of the development leads to higher resistance to allergies. This defensive mechanism is provided by two gut bacterias.

Ruminococcus lowers the risk of allergic disease. Oscillospira is associated with leanness. Cats and dogs have these bacteria in their bodies. Experts believe that letting them lick you or your kid can actually provide a strong immunity.

Do you know that your pet can also lower the risk of transferring Group B streptococcus bacteria from you to your baby?

The best photos of pets and their human friends

Sujata Setia found the perfect way to give us a closer look at the bond between pets and children. The British photographer wanted to honor her Mustang, her dog, so she had an inspiration to create the most amazing project. Setia owns But Natural Photography, and she started doing this after Mustang game into her life.

“He was a little puppy when we bought him and I felt the urge to capture the special moment he and my daughter shared,” Setia said. “Once I started photographing them it almost became an addiction. Soon my clients were asking me to photograph their babies with Mustang and their pets.

Setia took photos of kids and pets, and let’s be honest, this is a lasting memory for every caring parent out there. Young parents were thrilled by the idea, and their babies played the role right. They were stars of heartwarming photo-sessions, and we love these photos.

“I call it magical realism,” Setia explained. “The innocence and the magic of childhood is what I capture. I feel like every child needs a furry friend. There is a lot you can learn from having a furry being in your home but most importantly it keeps the child alive in you, no matter how old you grow. And it is that childhood that I project through all my work.”


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