A New Way Of Cycling Is Coming With Airless Tires That Never Go Flat

Do you enjoy cycling?

If you do, I believe you would be thrilled to learn that someone has already created what you have been longing for- a bike tire that will help you forget about the air pump!

An industrial 3D printer manufacturer from Berlin, BigRep, offers a new concept for bicycle tires, claiming that they have created the first 3D printed airless bicycle tire in the world.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a single city bike that can no longer get a flat tire?

The Airless Tire is a creation by Marco Mattia Cristofori, a designer in the Berlin-based 3D printer company’s NowLab. Cristofori claims that these 3D printed tires gave a “very smooth ride.”

The layered honeycomb design of the tire enables it to flex like rubber, and after being printed, there is no need for additional processing.

This tire reveals the abilities of BigRep’s new PRO FLEX material, which has great damping behavior, high temperature resistance, and low temperature impact resistance.

While it is only a prototype now, manufacturers can purchase the 3D printer and filament to create products as they see fit.