A New Filipino Law Requires All Students To Plant 10 Trees in Order To Graduate

The world would become a better place to live in if you plant a tree. That’s what people in the Philippines thought when they passed a Bill on May 15. According to this bill, all students from elementary, high school and college have to plant at least 10 trees before graduation. The information was confirmed by CNN.

Students can plant the trees in forests, mangroves, reserves, urban areas, abandoned mining cites and pretty much any other territory.

The trees have to thrive well in the area’s climate.

Congressman Gary Alejano introduced the “Graduation Legacy for the Environment Act 2016” in order to promote “intergenerational responsibility” over the environment.

It was about time for someone to include the youth in an environmental protection program. Children deserve a better life and a healthier planet which is why they should contribute to our efforts.

This initiative would provide 175 million new threes each year. A single generation would provide over 525 billion trees!

The Education Department in the country will have to implement the new rule. The Environment and Agriculture Departments will have to establish nurseries, provide seedlings, identify good planting sites and take care of the trees.

Even if 10 percent of the trees survive, the country will have 525 million additional trees. These trees will be a living legacy to future generations.

Hopefully, this initiative will encourage other countries to follow the same example. Our planet needs help, and it’s up to us to do our best and protect it. Things have taken a terrible turn, and it’s time for positive changes. This initiative is a good start, and every community should start off a similar program.

We need more green surfaces, and our children deserve a better and healthier world. Together we can do so much. Let’s start planting trees!