A Mom Is Outraged After Finding Padded Bras Being Sold For Young Girls

While shopping, one mother noticed padded bras on the racks in the girls’ section. Enraged, she shares photos of her find on Facebook, and a fierce debate ensued.

Times are changing rapidly, but do we know the exact speed of these shifts? Many parents publicly speak about their disapproval of the fast-changing era, fearing that many of these “revolutions” can have a dramatic and devastating effect on new generations.

The find of one mother has sparked a fierce debate online.

In August 2018, Illinois mom Angela Fellars went shopping at Nordstrom, when she noticed something strange- Padded bras in the girls’ section. She took photos, and quickly posted them on Facebook, pointing out her rage against the product.

She captioned the post as follows:

 “These are padded bras for SIX-YEAR-OLDS — WTAF, Nordstrom & Calvin Klein?”

She then commented:

“Rare F-bomb drop on a public FB post. But it’s warranted.”

Her post has brought up a massive debate online, with people commenting whether the bras are appropriate for young girls, or not.

Angry and confused, she asked netizens whether it is normal to sell bras, labeled 6-6x, when little girls at that age do not even need the padding at all.

Her sentiment was shared by many parents, who spoke about their concerns over the over-sexualization of children and dressing them like mini-adults.

Jody Nerhood Edwards commented:

“This is MeToo era and no swimsuits in Miss America … but padded bras 4 6ers?”

Michelle King added:

“I’m confused. Why would a six-year-old need a bra. Maybe they’re mislabeled?”

However, while many claim that the label 6-6x stands for the age of the children (6 years old), others believe that it is a size and doesn’t actually correspond to age at all.

Some explained that girls are hitting puberty earlier and earlier these days, which is not far from the truth. Nowadays, girls are starting puberty as early as eight years old now and getting their periods around 13.

Other parents said that they actually liked the pads, as they didn’t want their daughters’ nipples showing through the fabric at the beginning of their adolescence period.

One user wrote about her daughter:

“Ana only got bras because her nipples would show through the shirt materials she liked. And then they would still poke out with the simple bras. So the little pad was needed or she was really self-conscious.”

User Ashley Smith had a different explanation:

“So, some of these are being used as sports bras for dance studios (they wear shorts and a sports bra only) so I buy the padded / lines ones for my little vs the thin ones.”

One mother wrote that the entire fuss about it is ridiculous:

“Having 2 daughters there’s nothing wrong with this. It isn’t a padded bra for adding size or a lift. It isn’t even underwire. It’s for comfort and discretion. Geez lady, get a grip.”

Many users commented that the bra’s padding is removable, so they can simply take it out. At the end of the day, every parent chooses the best for their children. Eventually, all girls will start wearing a bra.

What we strongly advise parents is to explain to their daughters the reasons behind wearing a bra, and the different types of bras.

Don’t judge other parents, but make the decision that feels right for you and your daughter. If she wants to wear a bra, find out the reason for it.

Don’t speak badly of those who allow their kids to wear bras, especially not in front of your children, in order not to teach them the thing you are trying to avoid, the over-sexualization of the female body.

Source: twentytwowords.com