A Million Dollar Solution – How To Pick Ripe Watermelon

Some people knock on watermelons to hear the sound within, others take a closer look at the stem color but experts advise several other things that you need to pay attention to.

The more symmetrical watermelons are tastier.


Nice, deep knock sound appoints to ripeness, but if you hear deeper echo like the one from a hollow object, it means that the watermelon is overripe.

The watermelon sweetness can be noticed by the stem- if you cut the stem and get sticky juice from it, it means that the watermelon is sweet.

The ripe watermelon has dark green color, and a noticeable mark on it, is also a good sign.

The ripe watermelon is heavy and the unripe watermelon seems light for its weight, due to the fact that even 92% of the watermelon is water.

When you buy a watermelon, take notice to the side the watermelon has lied on. That side should be creamy-yellow,  like the mix of banana and lemon color. If the side is white or light green, it means that the watermelon in unripe.