A Man Has Quit Caffeine For A Month – This is What Happened

Leo Babuta is a guy who decided to make  an experiment with the aim of checking his health and improving it. First ,he quit coffee and caffeine drinks for a whole month.

He admits it has been difficult and almost unthinkable  and he had several desperate attempts to stop the experiment.



However, here is what he noticed while he was in the phase of quitting.:

  • He expected symptoms like headaches and sickness, but he was amazed he didn’t feel anything like that. He often woke up earlier than the ringtone of his alarm and he was more concentrated than usual in the morning.
  • The only problem was the smell of coffee. He didn’t get the same desire to drink coffee while he was watching the others around him , as when he smelled the coffee. However,he got over it.
  • The biggest problems he experienced were after having greasy and spiced meals. He overcome his thirst by drinking water , but he was feeling instant need for strong coffee right after the meal. Obviously, it’s the combination of fats and spices you need to avoid if you want to quit coffee.

What did Leo learn after only one month without coffee?

I thought that quitting will be a lot harder than it really was. But, to have a certain habit that will replace the morning and afternoon coffee really helps.

Whenever you are focused on the mental sacrifice you make, treat yourself a cup of warm and tasty tea. A slice of pizza or muffin? Why not?

One more important thing: Try to remember that the needs and urges happen in the moment ,even the strongest ones. It really helps if you publicly say your challenge.

If your friends, colleagues and relatives know that youare  avoiding caffeine, they will help you in all possible ways. For a start, they won’t offer you coffee when they prepare it nor will they drink one in your presence. And that’s very important for your endurance.