A Long-Distance Friendship Is Actually The Most Genuine Friendship

Many people I know are skeptical when it comes to long-distance relationships. I can agree to a point, as some people’s passion seems to fade away when they are far from their loved ones.

Yet, this is not the case with long-distance friendships, as distance cannot break the strong bond two real friends have.

Long-distance friendships are often the strongest ones, and here are six advantages of these friendships:

  • Modern technology has dramatically eased communication, so even if your friend is far away, you can text and call them any time. This makes you feel never alone, even though your friend is not near. In this way, your bond will grow stronger as you will value every conversation and meeting much more.
  • Reuniting with a long-distance friend is always amazing, as we learn to appreciate every minute we spend together after being separated. Your reunions are always a pure joy, as you’ve missed each other so much.
  • It is like having a pen pal, as this person will always be there via the phone, to respond to your text, listen to you over the phone, or FaceTime you whenever you need. A long-distance best friend will give you non-biased advice when you have to make an important decision or you face a problem.
  • Disagreements are usually easily solved with a long-distance friend, and you have less drama and tension when apart since your time together is too precious for both of you
  • Visiting a long-distance friend is a great chance for a new adventure and new memories you will share
  • If your long-distance friendship has managed to survive over time, which can be difficult at times, you can be sure that you have a best friend for the long run.

Living thousands of miles apart from your best friend can be challenging at times, but these benefits should remind you that these friendships are easier to maintain than we think.

Yet, whenever you are together with your long-distance best friend, remember to make the most of your time.