A Japanese Company Have Come Up With Cat-Shaped Sandals That Are Beyond Adorable

Japan is the world’s leading producer of weird stuff. Japanese companies sell great cars, computers, robots and other electronic appliances. Well, they also sell cute cat-themed items. People in Japan like cats, and you can see cat-inspired products everywhere.

Would you wear cat-shaped sandals?

Nara Getaya, a Nara-based shoe company is specialized in producing geta, a type of traditional Japanese sandals.  A traditional geta sandal is a combination of a regular flip-flop and a clog.

Given that Japanese like cats a lot, Nara Getaya produced cat-shaped footwear.  Nyara comes from Japanese words nya (meow) and Nara (place of origin).

The traditional geta sandal is made of wood, but cat-shaped sandals are made of soft EVA. Need a fancy footwear for the beach? Are you a cat lover? These sandals are perfect for you!

You can buy the sandals on the official website of the company for 3,780 yen ($35). There are nine different designs and they come in two sizes – for ladies and kids.

So, this product came as a result of Japan’s adoration for kitties.

Fans went crazy for the sandals. Some say they fit really well when paired with a summer kimono. Others would wear them with shorts or skirts. How would you combine these cuties?

Source: www.awesomeinventions.com