A Guy From Brooklyn Sees A Girl Dancing On A Roof, Sends Her A Drone With His Number On It

Single people find this quarantine and stay-at-home period challenging, I bet, but it seems that creativity can solve any problem! If you really want to do something, you will find a way.

Well, a guy from Brooklyn really wanted to meet a girl he saw dancing on a roof, and he found a perfect way to do so!

The romantic story started unusually: Jeremy Cohen, 28, noticed a girl dancing on the roof of a building near his home, and he waved at her. She waved back, and this was a sign for him. He sent a drone her way and asked her to text him.

Jeremy explained that he hasn’t been on a date for over a year, and he was craving some social interaction. So, he got creative while being confined by the walls of his apartment.

This is Jeremy 

Jeremy found social distancing a bit hard, like the rest of us, claiming that “ it’s definitely different than my normal life of being out and about all the time.”

He saw a girl dancing on the roof of a building near his home 

He looked out of the window, noticed the beautiful girl dancing, “perhaps to a TikTok song?’, and felt the urge to say ‘Hi’ to her.

He waved, and she waved him back 

He went to his balcony, waved to her, and she waved back. This encouraged him.

This is Tori⁠, the girl from the roof

Jeremy decided to take his drone 

And use it to send her a message 

“I grabbed my tape, pen, drone, and paper. Then I wrote down my digits and sealed them on my drone. Flirting is normally daunting for me, but since I’ve been quarantined in my apartment for a week now, I was screaming for social interaction.”

He wrote his number and wrote “text me” 

He sent it 

He surprised Tori 

Tori Cignarella, 28, who helps manage a co-working space in the city, worked remotely those days, and she was at home with her roommate.

She picked up the drone, and probably loved his romantic act, so she texted him an hour later.

She texted him back 

He asked her out the next day, but she was confused about the way they can go on a date

The next day, he asked her out, and she asked ‘How?’. Yet, He had a plan.

Jeremy and Tori’s roommate organized the whole thing half an hour before the date

He “sneakily” planned the entire date with her roommate, and she set it up.

From a distance, Jeremy and Tori on the roof had their first date

 “5 PM hits. It was time for our date. Wait, where is she? Just kidding. We follow the rules. I waved down at the balcony, she waved back. I told her she looked beautiful. So we got on FaceTime and ate our matching organic, microwaved single dinners together.”

Jeremy’s a professional photographer, so he took some pictures of her

He was a true gentleman

Jeremy is a professional photographer, so he documented the entire event. The date went so well, that he excused himself to go to the bathroom, and texted his friends, informing them that everything went great.

Jeremy told his friends that everything was great

Jeremy started planning their second date, and expected it to be a bit strange “with all the pressure of everyone watching compared to a normal date.”

Jeremy texted Tori again and asked her to meet him in person. As she agreed, Cohen surprised her by wearing a huge inflatable bubble to ensure that the two of them remained socially distant.

In a video he shared, that garnered millions of views, the two walk together through their neighborhood when a police officer stops them. Yet, as it turned out, the cop recognized them from the news and wanted to take a selfie.

We are waiting for part 3 of this romantic story!

Jeremy says he is happy that their story brings joy to other people “during these strange and dark times” and he feels good to know that many people are rooting for him.

Part one

He explained that he owes his optimism to his mother, Eva Grayzel, a motivational speaker, storyteller and stage 4 cancer survivor.

He adds that she taught him the power of storytelling and the importance of kindness and love for other people.

Part two


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Quarantine Cutie, part 2. Her name is Tori (@toricigs) and she’s cute and kind 😌

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Jeremy said that he and Tori are still in contact:

“She’s just a very kind person and cute. So we’ll see where it goes. If this doesn’t work out, which also is a possibility, I’m sure we will be close in some way, just because she’s so cool and chill, and we’ve had this crazy experience together.” 

Cignarella agrees, adding that it nothing romantic pursues out of this, she has gained a friend, and one that lives just across the street, so they can hang out “once this quarantine is hopefully lifted, very soon.”

We can’t wait to hear more about this quarantine love story! Fingers crossed!