A Girl Reveals Her Secret Recipe For To Whiten Your Teeth At Home (Video)

After having been asked like million times if she had her teeth whitened at the dentist, this girl  finally decided to share her homemade recipe for getting a shiny white smile.

In her video shared on YouTube she explains the procedure in details. Liz “earned” almost 18 million views thanks to this video. She says the procedure of whitening should  only be done once a week.

Liz believes that nothing should be exaggerated when it comes to the health of teeth.

What  do you need in order to make this recipe?

Lemon or lime and baking soda are the only ingredients for the preparation of the mixture.

Liz puts little soda into a bowl and squeezes lemon juice over it. Then she mixes the mixture well until she gets a slurry mixture.
The resulting paste is put on the toothbrush and the teeth whitening can start.  Whiten your teeth before bed and after doing that, give your teeth a good old wash  using a toothpaste.

However, this is not the best solution for those who wear braces. See the entire procedure on the video below and try it yourselves.