A Father And His Sons Cut Wood To Fill 80 trucks. Then They Brought It To Homes That Needed Heat.

The world cannot be saved in a day, and none of us can do it alone. However, it is far from impossible if we unite. Together, we can solve numerous problems that suffocate our society.

Small steps make a huge change. Everything good starts with a positive intention, a wish to help and make someone happy.

A single dad-of-six from Lake Stevens, Washington, Shane McDaniel, decided to make a change, and help those in need.

As wood is expensive in his hometown, and he has often struggled with budget constraints in life, Shane and his twin sons, Henry and Harrison, spent several months during the summer of 2018, and chopped up and seasoned 40 cords of their own wood.

When they were done, they had enough wood to fill up about 80 pick-up trucks.

Shane often cut wood with his father when he was a child, so he initially began it as a way to feel connected to his late dad. He then continued the tradition with his sons. Yet, as he explained, he had a lot of wood to cut due to the storm damage, and it kept piling up around his house, so they decided to so something better with it.

He then posted a photo of the trio, standing together with saws and axes, surrounded by many piles of wood, on Facebook, and wrote:

 “IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF FIREWOOD AND CANNOT AFFORD IT, PLEASE PM ME! No one goes cold in our hood this holiday season.” 

He explained that people are welcome to ask for free wood to be delivered to their homes, and asked others who had spare wood to donate.

As temperatures were on the decrease, he was determined to let no one freeze in the biting cold:  

“We had our first big freeze now and that’s why this is so important. If you know someone who BURNS WOOD, and they’re looking at a cold house this holiday season; maybe someone elderly or with small children in the house…then please help us help them.

My boys and I have cut & split nearly 40 cords of firewood this summer. It is seasoned and ready to warm homes where it is truly needed. It is more firewood than most people have ever seen, as I’m sure anyone who has driven past my house has noticed.

The Norms crew is standing by ready to help stack and deliver. Please remember it’s not for sale at any price. We get lots of offers. Too much blood and sweat to do that.”

In a few days, his post went viral, and people started requesting free wood. His wish to help touched people from all around the world and many wrote to him to tell him how much they appreciate his gesture of selflessness and kindness.

Some even offered to volunteer to help them chop wood, and the McDaniels even received some marriage proposals!

Throughout the winter, the McDaniel family distributed free wood to hundreds of families in their community and the towns nearby, mostly to people who couldn’t afford to buy this high-priced commodity.

Harrison McDaniel said that the entire thing was not easy, but it was time for them all to bond.

He was also unaware of the number of people still burning wood for heat in these modern times and added that even though many asked them to buy the wood, they surprised them by saying that it was not for sale.

The guys added that the reactions were mixed, and they received a lot of kisses, hugs, and even tears from the grateful people.

Yet, Harrison added:

 “Some aren’t even friendly. It’s just not in them. They are mad at the world and mad that they had to ask for help. They just have no other option than freezing.

Some still just say, ‘thanks … put it over there’ and walk back in their house and never say another word or even come back out. But I’m okay with that. Giving is the reward — it has nothing to do with how well it’s received, but it’s about how much it’s needed.”

Shane and his boys had so many requests that they had to seek donations. He has even set up a local station at his beer pub and recruited his manager to respond to the countless messages he received on Facebook.

This year, Shane set a target of a minimum of 100 cords of wood, and with the help of volunteers, they would be able to help even more people in need of wood for the winter.

They won’t stop until they provide wood for everyone who will need it.

Shane said:

 “I had no intention of doing this every year. But read through my messages, and you’ll understand.”

No enough words to compliment these guys!