A Farm In Florida Is Growing ‘Long-Neck’ Avocados That Are Up To 3 Feet Long And Cost As Much As $47 Each

If you are up for something delicious, creamy, nutritious, and giant in size, there is a trending fruit on social media you will gladly try as soon as possible!

Namely, after their post on Instagram, a Florida farm called Miami Fruit is gaining attention for its gargantuan long-neck avocados.

One of the videos on their Instagram page has 100,000 views and garnered almost 6,000 comments. It shows a worker on the Miami Fruit farm cutting open and scooping out flesh from the bizarre-looking avocado, which is 100 percent non-GMO and organic.

As the farm explained, this avocado variety is not sold commercially; so many people now see it for the first time. They are a rare heirloom variety that grow on the Pura Vida avocado tree and have “necks” that extend up from the pitted area.

Insider reported that the official name of the unique fruit is Persea Americana Russell, and it originates from Islamorada village in the Florida Keys.

Their average length is 18 inches and can weigh between one and three pounds. Their website says that their flesh is soft yet pliable, high in moisture content with a melting quality, while Edelle Schlegel, one of the co-founders of Miami Fruit, says they have a “thick, creamy, savory and slightly sweet”. Schlegel also added that the long-neck variety is extremely limited and sells out quickly.

The company stated that their ‘long neck’ avocados do ripen quickly, just like the regular avocados we purchase in a grocery store, and a single fruit can make 12 pieces of avocado toast.

The farm began as a small fruit stand and harvests and sells long-neck avocados from mid to late summer. You can pre-order them from their website with a choice of four different box sizes, the smallest contains three to six pounds of avocados and costs $47, and the largest at $197, contains 35 to 45 pounds of fruit.

They also ship quality fruit across the United States, such as guanabanas, rambutans, sugar apples, and dragonfruit.

Their website states that they harvest fruit from local farms here in South Florida, including their own farm every week, and almost everything sold is USA grown, by hard-working farmers who take pride in producing the highest quality tropical fruit.

So, why don’t you visit their site and order your box of fresh and rare tropical fruits?