A Chinese Doctor Claims That This Natural Way to Remove Bile and Liver Stones is Really Effective

Bile and liver stones can harm health and trigger the development of cancer and hepatitis. Lai Chiu Nan, a Chinese doctor, shared a natural treatment for bile and liver stones. As he explains, cancer is never the first disease to appear; it is often induced by other ailments.

Bile stones cause many health issues before cancer develops. Most people who struggle with cancer have already had problems with bile stones.


Flatulence often indicates the presence of bile stones. This condition is often accompanied with pain in the liver. The doctor recommends a completely natural cleansing method.

Liver and bile are closely related, which is why this natural treatment works great for people with improperly functioning liver. However, this method does not provide the same results in everyone. If your stones are larger, make sure you consult your doctor.

Eat 4-5 apples a day for 5 days, or you can drink 4 glasses of apple juice each day. Make your own juice, because store bought apple juice has no nutritional value. Eat your regular meals during the first 5 days.

Skip lunch on day 6.

Stir a teaspoon of bitter salt, or magnesium sulfate, into a glass of warm water. You can find it in any healthy food store.

Repeat this at 8pm. Magnesium sulfate stimulates bile function.

Add the juice of half a lemon into half a glass of olive or sesame oil. The oil will grease up your stones, enabling them to pass through the ducts more easily.

Next morning you whould notice some green stones floating in your toilet. Doctor Lai says that some patients managed to remove 50-60 stones, and there were cases when his patients could count up to 100 stones.

You can do this treatment even if you do not have bile stones, as it provides a normal bile function. Try this efficient method and clean your bile. Share your experience in the comment box below.

Source: www.yourstylishlife.com