91-Year-Old Gym Member Who Works Out In Overalls Becomes Social Media Poster Boy For Good Health

Age is just a number, and it matters in the case of a bottle of wine, wood, cheese or software only. So, the way we look, our health and body, are completely our own responsibility.

You cannot delegate your health to anyone else and still expect to stay vibrantly well, young-looking, and healthy. A healthy body requires our assistance and efforts, and a 91-year-old man realized this.

Lloyd Black became an Internet star after photos of him working at the gym were shared online.

After he noticed he cannot easily complete his household tasks, the man joined the Anytime Fitness gym in Semmes. His goal was to strengthen the muscles and alleviate the pains and aches in his body.

He explained:

“I had reached the point where simple chores, like yard work, I could no longer do and therefore I started [going to the gym] and it has really helped. I am also motivated by my daddy. He was a man who never gave up and so I hope I’ve inherited some of his traits.”

For an entire year, the man kept going to the gym at least three times a week.

The retired principal from Semmes admitted wearing overalls and coveralls while at the gym as they are comfortable and warm.

Yet, he joked:

“The reason I wear them is very simple: I don’t have much hips. If I get too active, I have trouble keeping my pants up.”

Gym manager Ashley Seaman explained that when he joined the gym, Black could barely last 10 minutes on the treadmill, but he gradually improved and now spends half an hour of power-walking before moving on to his workout routine.

Black also assists other seniors that come to the gym, teaching them how to use the weightlifting machines.

According to Seaman:

“He’s just a friendly soul. It’s cute because he will go to the other silver sneakers—the elderly members—and he’ll show them how to use the machines.”

He even named Black “Member of the Month” in January 2020.

Seaman added:

“He’s been showing so much progress and over the past year, he’s been coming faithfully three times a week or if not more like every other day. We were going into a new decade and I wanted it to be a special member of the month this time. So I felt like he would be the perfect one.”

On their Facebook page, the gym wrote:

“Mr. Black became a part of our Anytime family 1 year ago and we have seen nothing but motivation and inspiration from him since he started.

He says he is 91 years young and brags about how much his workout routine has helped him in his daily routines.

Seeing someone like him inspires others to keep it up and incorporate fitness into their life. Seeing him in the gym 3 times a week working out in his overalls brightens our day and we hope to have him many more years to come!”

Photos of the strong senior have flooded the Internet, with netizens praising his determination to remain in good physical shape, and praising him for being such a positive role model.

Lloyd focuses on the benefits of his regular workout:

“The fitness center is something you don’t necessarily enjoy, but you enjoy having done it. You realize how much it helps. That is what I get out of it.”

Seaman added:

“He says that, even before his feet hit the floor, he will do his bicycle (exercises) in the bed and it helps them to get up and do things in the morning. He shows] that age is just a number, it doesn’t mean you can’t get into the gym, and it’s never too late.”

Black concluded:

“You have to decide for yourself, but do you want to be a happy person or a grouch? And I’ve decided to be a happy person. The good Lord has blessed me with good health.”

Since January 13, when it was shared, the Facebook post about the diligent senior has garnered thousands of likes and shares and hundreds of comments.

One user wrote:

“He was the principal at MGM when I attended. He was always kind and apparently still is.”

Another added: 

“Oh my gosh! You go, Mr. Black! We (your old students) are proud of you.”

As one commented wrote:

“He is an inspiration to us all!”