9 Simple Morning Rituals to Supercharge Your Metabolism

This article will present you 9 simple ways to supercharge your metabolism and keep it revived up all day long. However, the secret is to incorporate these new habits one at a time until they feel totally natural, rather than trying to overhaul your current morning routine.

  1. Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier

Waking up earlier is going to accelerate your metabolism by synchronizing yourself to the natural routine of your body and the way it works. However, waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual may be a rather difficult task to do, especially if you already feel like you’re required to wake up too early.

You’ll be helping to remove toxins from your body by getting into the natural circadian rhythm and be more in tune with your body’s 24 cycle, which naturally wants to release toxins in urine and waste at dawn. If you sleep later, you will only delay this release and keeps the toxins in the body, with the possibility of having them reabsorbed.

Extra tip: You can successfully make it a habit if you sleep earlier the night before. In fact, your day really begins the previous night, so make sure you take the strategic step of getting to bed earlier to account for the earlier wake up time.

  1. Immediately after you wake up, drink a glass of warm lemon water

This is probably the best think you can do for your overall health as soon as you open your eyes. Consuming warm lemon water will cleanse the digestive system and will significantly accelerate your metabolism. You can also add in a bit of organic, raw honey to sweeten up the sour lemon and introduce digestive enzymes and antioxidants to the equation.

In order to avoid shock to your system, you should drink warm water at first. However, you can switch to cold water for the remainder of your water intake, as this has been shown to raise your resting metabolic rate.

Extra tip: Make sure to purchase a bag of organic lemons every time you’re at the store. If you have them at hand constantly, you will easily make it a habit to drink lemon water. Moreover, lemons keep very well in the refrigerator, so they won’t go bad soon.

  1. Perform the 5 Tibetan Rites

The 5 Tibetan Rites include spinning in a circle, doing leg lifts, arching your back, making a table, and a full body lunge. You can kick your metabolism into a quicker gear by performing these actions, and in the recommended sequence.

The complete cycle is done in a little over 10 minutes, so this is something that you can work into even the busiest of mornings, and will set the tone of calm and tranquility that washes over the rest of your day.

Extra tip: You must consider the fact that you might not be able to do all of the actions. However, over time, it will become easier and you will get all the benefits from it.

  1. Rebound for 5 Minutes

The 5 minutes rebounding is just a minimum, and something that anyone can do every morning to shake off sleep and get energized for the day. You should rebound in the morning since it is an excellent way to get your lymph fluid flowing and keep your thyroid healthy. The lymphatic system and thyroid play a big part in your metabolic rate, so it is essential to keep them in shape, and rebounding works wonders in this area.

You can achieve even better results, and if you enjoy it, and have more time to rebound, you can stay on it longer.

Extra tip: It is of crucial meaning to have your rebounder at hand in the room, for when it is easily accessible, you it’s very hard not to get on it for a few minutes each day. Moreover, the prices are cheap, and you can buy a high-quality rebounder for less than $50.

  1. 20- Minutes Weight Lifting

The morning is the best time to lift weights, for by getting active in the morning you’ll have a greater chance of staying active and energetic all day. Lifting weights puts your body in fat-burning mode, and if you don’t get exercise in the morning the likelihood is that you’ll be in fat-storing mode instead.

Building muscle is a sure way to increase your metabolic rate. This is an obligatory morning ritual, so you should not avoid it, but be sure to do it every morning.

You can also do an HIIT session, in case resistance training isn’t feasible for you. High Intensity Interval Training will keep your metabolism high for several hours after you complete the session.

Extra tip: They take away any weather-related excuse, and make it so you can lift all of your major muscle groups from the comfort and privacy of home. You should invest in a set of resistance bands and work your aim.

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