9 Magical Pictures Of Hummingbirds’ Wings Shining Like Rainbows

Nature is unbelievably complex and diverse, and no matter how advanced technology gets, it never stops to amaze and surprise us. None and nothing can ever surpass Nature.

Australian photographer Christian Spencer has been interested in nature and indigenous cultures since young. His professional painting work started in 1996 in Adelaide.

While living within Itatiaia National Park in Brazil for 19 years, discovered one of the countless natural miracles.

The black Jacobin hummingbird is probably most renowned by its high-pitched song. Yet, the delicate beauty and the mastery of avian maneuvers of these Brazilian birds have been fascinating people since forever.

In 2011, he managed to capture the perfect moment of the sun illuminating a black Jacobin hummingbird when it created a prism effect that colored the bird’s body like a rainbow.

His work was included in his short film, The Dance of Time, that brought him 10 international awards and three best film honors. He decided to revisit the subject years later and take photos of the same phenomenon.

His latest work of art, called Winged Prism, won a prize at the Museum of Modern Art in Resende RJ Brazil, and reveals “a secret of nature that cannot be seen with our eyes.”

He mentioned that the photos were not digitally manipulated in any way:

“There is no special technique, just diffraction of light through the wings of this special hummingbird. Nobody ever could have ever dreamed that this was a reality. I receive emails every day from people across the world touched by these images.”

The colorful images are captivating: