9 Key Differences Between Successful And Unsuccessful People

Some people believe that they are just predestined to succeed in life and enjoy all its delights, while others believe they are simply unlucky and unable to gain in life.

Success requires hard work, strong will, and patience, but making your dreams come true is the biggest pleasure ever! Yet, psychologists claim that the attitude is what really makes one a winner or a loser, as these people are different in terms of their habits and decisions.

Therefore, if you align and adjust your thoughts with successful people, you will dramatically change your life and the way other people see you.

John Paul DeJoria explains:

 “Successful people do all the things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do.”

These are the main differences between successful and unsuccessful people:

  • Successful people read all the time, while unsuccessful spend their time in front of the TV
  • Successful people compliment others, and unsuccessful ones like to criticize
  • Successful people embrace change, and unsuccessful ones are afraid of changes
  • Successful people forgive others; unsuccessful people hold a grudge.
  • Successful people talk about their ideas, while unsuccessful ones talk about people
  • Successful people use all their time to learn, and unsuccessful ones believe they know it all
  • Successful people accept their mistakes and learn from them, and unsuccessful ones blame others
  • Successful people are grateful, and unsuccessful ones have a sense of entitlement
  • Successful people set their goals and make plans to achieve them, while unsuccessful people don’t set goals

Moreover, successful people listen first before they speak, and they are transparent, while those who fail in life are often protected and secretive. They motivate others to succeed and grow, while unsuccessful ones hope others fail.

Successful people are not afraid of risks and are brave enough to ask for what they want in life and are not afraid of failure.

Dave Kerpen, the New York Times best-selling author of “The Art of People” says:

 “Rejection and failure are two of the most paralyzing fears, and they often prevent people from asking for what they really want. If we don’t ask for what we want we think on some level that we can’t fail; we can’t get rejected. But in reality we’re almost guaranteed that we’re going to fail because we’re not going to get what we want.”